The air compressor machine is an apparatus also referred to as a gas compressor. This machine transforms power by an engine similar to an electric motor or diesel engine. The resulting power is changed to potential energy and then kept as compressed air.

How does an air compressor work?

The machine squeezes air into a storage tank; the tank then adds pressure as more air is pushed in. The energy that is contained in the compressed air is used for various functions, such as making use of the kinetic energy in the air while it is released as the tank reduces pressure. As the pressure in the tank gets decreases, the machine then turns the boots and performs the process of adding pressure to the tank again.

The air compressor is dissimilar to a pump as it only operates with gases and air, while a pump performs on liquids such as water. It would help if you considered some factors before you buy the machine.

Factors to Consider before Buying the Air Compressor

Understanding your work environment is the first factor to consider, as there are various kinds of compressors. Familiarity with your surrounding helps you know whether you need an electric motor or compressor that utilizes a gasoline engine. However, electric motors are less expensive than gasoline engines, and they require less maintenance. On the other hand, a gasoline engine gives increased portability. This factor highly affects compressor machine price in Kenya.

Acquiring the right size is also very crucial. Air compressors are of various sizes. It is therefore reasonable to get an air compressor that is medium as very small compressors spend a lot of time because of waiting for the air to complete and pressure to build up after short use. Bigger compressors on the other hand use a lot of resources because it takes time to complete hence a lot of energy is required.

Planning for the future also is very crucial point to consider before getting an air compressor. The time to come involves the demand for the appliance in the coming days. Investigating your performance may necessitate you to include or increase technicians. In this case, to accommodate a large workload, a large compressor is needed.

It is also crucial to get an air compressor that provides you with sufficient airflow. The airflow in a compressor is taken in Cubic Feet/Minute. The CFM result of your compressor must be lower than the maximum result however, it's more significant than the available CFM required. Higher volumes along with pressures naturally need higher horsepower, electrical components, and extensive pumping system.

Therefore, knowing a suitable company or brand is very crucial. Various companies own compressors that are distinct in terms of durability. Questions like how long a company has been in production, whether the organization has a good reputation, as well as the effectiveness of the tool has to guide you into obtaining the correct air compressor.


The above illustrations are some of the factors to look at besides assessing electric air compressor costs in Kenya.